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Since 2009, AWWA has taken an active role in trying to attract Veterans to the water industry. 

This initiative is being led by the AWWA Workforce Strategies Committee and managed by the Veterans’ Workforce Initiative Sub-Committee.

In 2009 and for several years following, not much hiring was going on, even though AWWA had begun to make its members realize that a workforce crisis was coming. 

As documented in numerous publications and presentations, a huge number of water workers were nearing retirement age and would soon be leaving the workforce, taking with them not only themselves but the vast amounts of knowledge and experience they had acquired.

But, it was hard to attract Veterans when we didn’t have many positions to offer.

Now, that has changed! For Veterans, that is good; for the water industry, not so much. 

Those folks who delayed retirement because of the economy and those who are becoming eligible to retire are retiring. They are leaving utilities creating some unique challenges for both utilities and the companies serving utilities.

Our industry is vital to life. People need a safe and adequate supply of drinking water every day to survive. We must be successful in replacing the people who are leaving the industry, regardless of the reason.

We have identified Veterans as a really good fit for our industry. Many of the skills and traits that are acquired in the military are desirable for water sector employees.

This is where you come in.

The Workforce Strategies Committee is challenging each Service Provider to hire one Veteran between the end of ACE 2015 and our Annual Conference in Chicago in June 2016.


"As a current veteran and water treatment plant manager, I encourage all employers to consider hiring or at least interviewing veterans.  While not every veteran is a fit for your organization, most veterans come equipped with skills that non-veterans have not acquired.  As a veteran you come equipped with an understanding that the task is not over until it is complete and correct.  As a veteran you are proficient as a leader, follower and team member.  As a veteran you are dedicated to doing what is right.  As a veteran you are trained to adapt to the situation and work toward success by meeting or exceeding goals and objectives set by your organization.  As a veteran you want to serve your nation and community, and after all that is what working for a utility is all about." ~ Alan Cranford, AWWA Director ~

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