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Welcome to the TNWARN Committee web page!

Utilities Helping Utilities 

The Tennessee Water/Wastewater Agency Response Network is an agency that allows drinking water and wastewater systems in TN to receive timely mutual aid and assistance from other utilities and Resource agencies to restore facilities damaged by natural or man-made incidents.

What is Mutual Aid?

Mutual Aid is an agreement among emergency responders to lend assistance across jurisdictional boundaries.

What Role Does The Mutual Aid Agreement (MAA) Play?

During a response, the procedures to give and receive mutual aid and assistance are governed by articles in the TNWARN Agreement. The agreement covers such issues as requesting assistance, giving assistance, reimbursement, workers' compensation, insurance, liability, and dispute resolution. This MAA follows FEMA guidelines to enable applicable governmental reimbursement and is best to be in place before the request for assistance.

Who Can Participate in TNWARN?

TNWARN is available to all public and private drinking water and wastewater systems in Tennessee. Paritciaption is strictly voluntary and is not mandated by any local. state or federal regulation.

For more information visit www.TNWARN.org

TN WARN Committee:

Hal Balthrop - Chair   CONTACT